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Cambodian Hair

Cambodian hair is the newest raw hair on the market although celebrities and stylists have been using this texture for years. 

Cambodian hair has a thick shaft and the bundles are extremely dense. This means that the hair is thicker than other types of hair available for purchase. Cambodian hair has many properties but here are some that are found in most of my raw hair bundles/frontals and Wigs

  1.  The hair will be semi coarse to coarse. Meaning it will have a lot of texture even in wavy bundles. It will match relaxed AA hair.

  2.  The hair will have a medium to low luster. This means the hair will have a low healthy shine. It will not be glossy shiny.

  3. The bundles will be a #2 to a #4 in color

  4.  2 BUNDLES and a FRONTAL/CLOSURE are a regular density for lengths 10''-16''

  5. 3 BUNDLES and a FRONTAL/CLOSURE will be required for lengths 18''-24'' 

  6. 4 BUNDLES and a FRONTAL/CLOSURE are recommended for anything 26'' and up.

              Vietnamese Hair

    Vietnamese hair is beautiful and thick. It comes in raw textures straight and wavy. Like Cambodian, Vietnamese hair has a thicker strand and a more dense hair bundle. Vietnamese hair also comes steamed to make textures like kinky curly and body wave. Below you will find some properties of Raw Vietnamese hair. 

  1. The hair will be silky to lightly coarse. The hair will have great movement and shine

  2.  The hair will have a high luster, it will be very shiny, healthy looking and reflect light.

  3.  The hair will be a natural black to dark brown in color

  4.  See above for how many bundles will be needed at different lengths. 

                                   Indonesian Hair

Indonesian hair is silky and shiny with very thick ends. It comes in raw textures of straight and a loose wavy. Indonesian hair is typically very dark. It has a very close luster and silkiness to Indian hair. If you like Indian hair you will love Indonesian hair. Below are the properties of Indonesian hair.

          1. The hair will be very silky and shiny. Fluid like movement.

          2. The hair has a high luster, it is very shiny and healthy

          3. Normal color for this hair is off black to darkest brown.

          4. These bundles are double drawn , which means thicker hair but shorter in length, 3-4 bundles needed for most styles.